‘Het verhaal van’ popup expo Rotterdam

‘Het verhaal van’ tells the stories of the past, adventures of the present and ideas for the future of Rotterdam in a pop-up expo. In a window display on the Kop van Zuid you can experience the history of Rotterdam in an interactive way. Rnul worked on the interaction designs of various installations for the popup expo of the Rotterdam museum. In collaboration with Hunted agency

The content of the multi-screen video is controlled by the position of the visitors in front of the window and tells the history before, during and after the Second World War.

A replica of the statue of Desiderius Erasmus by Hendrick de Keyser moves towards the visitor’s position.

Mission Masterpiece at Rijksmuseum

For the Rijksmuseum and the NEMO Science Museum’s latest exhibition, “Mission Masterpiece”, Rnul has created a series of interactive installations that work as a souvenir photo booth. Photobooth video: myq filmworks starring Sosha Duysker, Video: Mar Gimeno Lumbiarres

The aim is to invite visitors to play around with their self-portraits and make a digital collage with some of the exhibition’s artworks. A personalized QR code will be generated for them to download/share the funny outcomes. Mission Masterpiece is on display this summer until September 3rd.

Lieve tante Olga at Taalmuseum

For the Taalmuseum (language museum) latest nomadic installation ‘Lieve tante Olga’ (Dear Aunt Olga), Rnul has collaborated in this exhibition which invites visitors to dive into the cultural differences happening between Surinamese Dutch and Netherlands Dutch with real mini testimonial clips and the protagonist character of Tante Olga (cultural icon) as the main guide of the exhibition.

The iconic aunt addresses the Surinamese with the following question: “What experience do you have with the Dutch of the Dutch?”. The exhibition entrance is open to the public and meant to tour different venues around the Netherlands. The installation’s modular design is presented as a foldable exhibition panel, mimicking the shape of a folding guideline. The display includes information boards, exhibition objects and interactive screens with which visitors can play by swiping from testimonial to testimonial. ‘Lieve Tante Olga’ premiered on June 17th 2023 at the Onza Taal congress with the presence of the royal Princess Laurentien. Today the exhibition is being displayed in Zuidplein (Rotterdam) and will soon relocate to other venues around the Netherlands. Exhibition design: Dark & Stormy / Taalmuseum, Video: Oldmates, Construction: Interieurmakers. Photos: Patrick van Katwijk and Dark & Stormy

Haarzaken interactive at Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

Rnul created an immersive experience for the HA!R POWER exhibition at the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam. The installation offers the experience of four different Dutch hairdressers. It is about intimacy when you expose yourself to when you surrender to a hairdresser. Exhibition design: MAISON the FAUX, DTP: Helmi Scheepers, Construction: van der Horst Theater Design, Production assistant: Alejandra Huerta.

IFFR 2022 campaign compilation

For the campaign of the new edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rnul provided the visual material. The IFFR is one of the largest and most diverse film festivals in the world, which takes place every year in January and February in Rotterdam. The visual material consists of posters, videos and social media content, which reflect the atmosphere and theme of the festival. Rnul interactive collaborated with the IFFR team and 75B to create a creative and attractive visual identity that will inspire and invite film fans to participate in this unique cultural event. Music: Ngunyuta Dance by BBC

Pension Harderwijk, Stadsmuseum Harderwijk

In this exhibition visitors can meet the guests staying in the pension which represents a special period from the city’s glorious past. Rnul developed three interactives, one of them is an African soldier telling about his time in Harderwijk and the colonial war. Through a interactive card game visitors can discover the stories of the soldier. With a hologram you can see inside the soldier’s head and a projection on the table shows images of his stories. Another guest is a spy during the Cold War. Voice recognition allows visitors to interact with this spy and discover more about the spy school through a newspaper that comes to life. The third interactive is a cabin boy. Visitors can play a game, Hanzeborden, where a real dice determines the fate of the game and the linked stories of his adventures. In cooperation with XPEX and Kloosterboer, photos by Sarah Dona.

Excerpt of TV item, Omroep Gelderland: Ridders van Gelre 28 juni 2021 – Stadsmuseum Harderwijk is vernieuwd.

THE OTHER ME at Erasmus MC

Young people develop their identity by mirroring themselves to others. Social contacts are increasingly online. During the lockdowns, young people were even more dependent on screens. For lessons and lectures, but also in their relationships with family and friends. Researchers from Erasmus MC and the university asked young people how they felt during the lockdowns. A conclusion is that some young people are vulnerable, while others are doing well. Mapping the risks of a lockdown for young people requires more research.

For ‘THE OTHER ME’, 13 young Rotterdammers collected images in their own social bubble. Rnul, Interaction designers, incorporated these images into a scripted video installation. This installation is about ‘organic identity’: who you really are, versus “synthetic identity”: the edited version of yourself.

Location: (R)EVOLUTION exhibition Sciene Gallery, main hall Erasmus MC (next to the @maarten.baas clock) Projection times: sat-sun 9.00-21.00, mon-thu 12.30-13.30 & 16.30–21.00 fri 12:3021:00

The Other Me 2021 Ellie Uyttenbroek, Ari Versluis, Aart Muis, Rob Donkers and: Negara Faghir, Roan van Galen, Daphne Geerdes, Kobus Gubbels, Anne Hulst, Thiago Klijnsma, Lex Mannens, Billie van Oosterom, Juanita Mendicuti Ortega, Frandy Perez, Julia Schotborgh, Muna de Vos en Isa Zichterman.

Cadeau, hoezo? at Tropenmuseum

For the new exhibition in the Tropenmuseum, 3 interactive installations have been created in which visitors can learn more about giving and receiving gifts. In the exhibition you will receive useful tips about giving and receiving presents worldwide. With MAISON the FAUX and Dana Dijkgraaf Design. Let yourself be wrapped by Cadeau, hoezo? at Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. Photos by Mike Bink.

Circusstad photobooth

For the Circusstad festival in Rotterdam Rnul created a photobooth with an automatic upload system that shows the photos on the circusstad website: circusstad.nl/circusfoto. During the 5 days of the festival the visitors took over 500 pictures.

Workshop at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China

Rnul took care of a two-week workshop for the Intermedia students of the Fine Art Academy in Guangzhou in China. Dealing with the various aspects of creating a spatial interactive installation the students worked towards a final public exhibition.

Luxor Karaoke Box

For the Luxor theater Rnul created a karaoke box. Visitors of the theatre were able to choose from different musical songs and sing along. After singing along they could fill in their e-mail address and get a video of their performance to share on social media.

Gevangenis Museum Veenhuizen

When visitors enter the prison museum in Veenhuizen they will get locked in a room and confronted with a introduction video. As a part of this video visitors will be chosen by the system and will be followed by search lights in the room. Visitors can experience how it is to be a suspect. In cooperation with Urbi et Orbi and Kinkorn.

Bread&&Butter gelfie installation for Asics

For Asics Tiger Rnul created the What the gel video installation that was shown in the gelfie booth on the Asics stand at Bread&&Butter in Berlin. In the gelfie booth the visitors were able to record a gellified video of theirselves and share it with their friends. The gelfie booth is a cooperation with Wink Amsterdam.

SpDi for V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media

Spatial Display or SpDi is the software Rnul made for V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media. Using SpDi artists can create an interactive environment with content such as video, images, 3D models and text. 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2018 there will be a workshop of SpDi. This workshop is the start of us sharing this tool with the world.

Trailers and bumpers for cinema, TV and online

In cooperation with graphic design studio 75B Rnul created several trailers and bumpers for organisations like Mondriaan fund, COBRA museum and International Film Festival Rotterdam.

How Do You Fear at Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf

A project with Fabien Prioville Dance Company and dancer Gesa Piper. The performance focuses on investigating fear as a technology of power and its direct and indirect impact on the individual, social body. Together with choreographer Fabien Prioville we developed interactive projection mapping in combination with depth and body tracking. In Dansatelier Rotterdam and tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf we did experiments and  made different projection techniques for the final performances in Tanzhaus and Fabrik Heeder in Krefeld. Photo top right by Mischa Lorenz.

Self-perpetuating Story at the Night of Art & Sciences Leiden

In this interactive installation we investigate to what extent people can be influenced in their behavior and their actions. The installation deals on a playful way with big data, artificial intelligence and data mining to create awareness to the visitor. In this self-initiated project we explore these new technology developments in search for new forms of interactive installations and applied applications. Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam).

Our Tunnel, 75th anniversary of the Maastunnel, Kunsthal Rotterdam

Exhibition in the Kunsthal about the Maastunnel in Rotterdam. Visitors can make a ride on a bike and take a virtual trip through the Maastunnel. In collaboration with Instituut voor Vorm en Beeld and Vied.

Planet IFFR, International Film Festival Rotterdam

For the 46th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam we developed Planet IFFR in collaboration with 75B. We made several video’s such as the cinema trailers, TV commercial, billboard videos and the visuals for the opening night of the festival.

Het kuurtje, hoe lang nog? at the Natural History Museum Rotterdam


The exhibition “The cure, how long?” is about people, bacteria and antibiotic resistance. It shows what the consequences for our health (care) and how inventive scientists and pharmaceutical companies seek innovative solutions. Rnul interactive created an interactive hand scanner which shows if you are resistant to antibiotics or not. In collaboration with Pronk Studio.

Windowlicker at Club Gem

We have been building our drawing machine for a special occasion. The opening weekend of Club Gem in the building of the former art library has been a pop-up gallery with a weekend of music film art and much more. With a sponge the drawing machine fills the window with white paint in which it writes text using a wiper. What he wrote was heard by the computersystem on the streets of Rotterdam.

What’s Next? International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

“Hello! What do you want next?” Children are asking these kind of questions about the Next Economy to the vistors of the IABR. If a visitor enters the exhibition space and comes closer to the playing child, he or she stops playing and walks towards the vistor to ask a question. Commissioned by IABR in collaboration with 75B.

Portrait robot at DASA Dortmund


The robot can draw your face but does it make that an artist? Sit on the bench and put on the cord, so that you give the robot the start signal. Sit quietly and smile if you like. Please remain seated for about 5 minutes. The final image appears out of the slot. Take it home with you it should get a place of honor!

The Rnul portrait robot now belongs to the collection of robots of the DASA museum in Dortmund. In 2017 it will be exposed in Spain at Parque de las Ciencias in Granada.

Chatbox at DASA Dortmund

Please write a message, but who will answer you? Another visitor of the exhibition or our chatbox robot? Can you tell the difference? The installation consist of two chatbox stations placed in different exhibition spaces, the stations can communicate with each other or through a computer bot. Part of the ‘Die Roboter’, an exhibition on the relationship between man and machine, opened by Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk) and Thorben Albrecht (State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Germany).

45th International Film Festival Rotterdam

The new trailer for the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016 by 75b and Rnul interactive. Together we made also trailers and bumpers for IFFRLIVE, Tiger awards and the visual support during the opening with Queen Máxima.

Short impression of our visuals for the Opening Ceremony of International Film Festival Rotterdam – IFFR icw 75B

De Zaanstreek maakt het!


The new exhibition at Zaans museum opened last wednesday! Rnul created a video landscape and an interactive scalemodel about how the unique landscape has contributed to the industrial revolution that took place. With Pronk studio, Skeep, Rapenburg Plaza, Kloosterboer and many more.

A video of the Molenshow (Windmill-show). Visitors are visualized as a cloud, with this they control the timeline. With real wind and videomapping the individual windmills are being activated and deactivated depending on the year which is selected by the visitor.

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015 Trailer

The new trailer for the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015 by 75b and Rnul interactive.


Bio-Based Projection


A collaboration project for Studio Wolfpack about the Bio-Based economy. For this traveling exhibition of the Wageningen University, we have developed an hemispherical projection. The exhibition is in collaboration with WOAU!, Baschz, Olivier Otten, Mopix, Tiktoko and Ben Werkt.


IFFR 2014 opening film screening

For the opening of the 43st International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rnul made a film with 75B to explain the program of the festival. This first film of the festival was shown in de Doelen in Rotterdam.


Creatie magazine


Especially for Creatie magazine Rnul interactive presents the drawing machine. Skype Rnul.interactive to see the drawing machine in live action. By moving your face you can control the camera and look around. A picture of your face will be processed in an exquisite corpse portrait.

Interactive installations for the Huygens exhibition


The Grote Kerk in The Hague was the venue for a special exhibition about two exceptional men of the Dutch Golden Age: Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens. Rnul created several installations for this exhibition. Exhibition Design by XPEX.








Huygens principle in collaboration with Prof. dr. Vincent Icke

Interactive work for Rijndam unveiled


In honor of the 100th anniversary of the rehabilitation center for children Rnul created a permanent interactive work. Through a digital mirror, the imagination and the creative ability of the children are stimulated. Their silhouette is their brush. Based on the cadavre exquis technique invented by Surrealists in the early 1920s a colorful and vibrant image is created together in a continuous change, by and for the children.

Vervogelaar at Cinekid

What is it like to be a bird? The ‘Vervogelaar’ installation let you experience what it is, when your voice is recorded it will be transformed into a beautiful birdsong of your favorite bird. With biologist Thijs van Vuure we created this special version for the Cinekid festival in Amsterdam.

Reflector at Emmy Miltenburg Galerie

An exhibition of work by Rnul Interactive in collaboration with designers from different disciplines Tymen Cieraad (graphic), Iñiy Sanchez (fashion) and Matthijs Vlot (video).
The central theme was reflection. The visitor was the main focus of the works. We made a drawing machine which created unique personal portrets. We also developed an unknitting machine which transformed wool sweaters on visitor input into personal urns. Furthermore we made a video installation in which you get transformed in a conversation between two people.



Forward to Nature at Zig Zag City

This may be the least natural location in Rotterdam – and this is where we created together with biologist Thijs van Vuure a nature trail. In the Ammanstraat, between Kruiskade and Stadhuisplein, the Back to Nature credo was throwned overboard. In order to get closer to nature, technological advances were embraced rather than exiled: Forward to Nature. By combining technology with the architecture of the city, it was possible to bring visitors into a natural setting. The interactive installation brought you closer to nature without to give up the possibilities that city life offers. Nature on Demand was central here: you decided by choosing your path which natural situation you wanted to find yourself in.

Dutch National Team shirt release


For the Dutch National Team shirt release of Nike we made the special Gregory van der Wiel window at the Bijenkorf. Passers of the window could send tweets with #neworanje hashtag which were recognized by the system and then were ‘tattooed’ on the window. In collaboration with Random and …,staat.



Old Fashioned Room at Zeeuws Museum

The Old Fashioned Room is a modern reconstruction of the style room which was exhibited in the late 60s at the Zeeuws Museum. The room has three interactive elements dealing about the questions what is real and originally old fashioned from Walcheren (a part of Zeeland). An interactive table, in which the visitor is asked for knowledge and experience regarding the collection items and to share it with the museum. A mirror which fits the clothes from the wardrobe virtually on the visitors. And a scale model of the room which record visitors. These recordings are projected in the room in a way like the droste effect in which the visitors get the feeling they are a part of a diorama.





Interactive facade projection at the Culture Night Breda

During the Culture Night Rnul presented an interactive projection on the building of KOP in Breda. By a video tracking system the visitors were tracked in front of the building where they could discover and create a virtual layer of the building. With an individual corresponding pointer on the building visitors could activate elements in the building like growing an ivy, play with a cat and discover what happening behind the curtains. Together the visitors create a beautiful stately building, which over time will be abruptly disturbed by a randomly chosen visitor whose pointer turns into a shooting sight…


IFFR XL TV commercial and trailer

The International Film Festival Rotterdam celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2011. The trailer for this special edition is made by Rnul interactive in collaboration with graphic design agency 75B. Music, editing and produced by Rnul interactive. There is a 30 seconds version and a short 12 seconds version which can be watched on national TV and commercial channels like Discovery channel. The trailer/commercial can also be watched in cinemas all over the Netherlands.



Virtual Holiday Dinner

In this project you were able to have a virtual Christmas dinner with friends and family. By moving your head in Skype you can control the robots at the table. Over three days 156 people from 6 continents gathered to have a holiday dinner together, screen to screen. From families separated to strangers meeting for the first time, we all toasted to this season of togetherness. The virtual dinner is a project for advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.



Intra Laterna Magica at museum de Lakenhal

The exhibition Intra Laterna Magica at the museum de Lakenhal in Leiden contains two installations by Rnul interactive. The Laterna Magica, the visual projector from the 18th century is transformed into a modern medium.


Mimoa event on the Dutch Design Week

mimoa-dutch-design-week-rnul-940Mimoa organized an architecture event on the Dutch Design Week, Rnul made a special installation for the evening event. To motivate to let people connect and network with each other Rnul developed an installation were visitors were virtually together on the most great modern architectural places around the world. The faces of the visitors were pasted in holiday pictures of architecture trips with the use of several videocameras and real-time face recognition. Check here the online architecture guide of Mimoa .

Interactive scale model at Rotterdam.info

For the Rotterdam Information Center Rnul developed an interactive information system on the scale model of the center of Rotterdam. Besides historical information and the event calender visitors of Rotterdam can find their way on this his huge maquette. Exhibition Design by Pronk.



Behind the Scenes at 5 Days Off festival

Rnul presented the new work “Behind the Scenes” on the 5 Days Off festival as part of facade projects. The work consists of two parts, a digital box inside and a projection on the old drawbridge of the Melkweg, Amsterdam. Using face tracking we set videos of facial elements on the faces of the visitors which provoked facial expressions from visitors. Most visitors were initially unaware that this video (without extra pasted face elements) was used as projection for the people who stood under the projection on the entrance bridge.


The Urban Lightguide


For the Rotterdam Museumnight Rnul made this interactive sound and light installation where people could participate in. Part of the official opening in front of the Historical Museum Schielandslandshuis were placed four very big searchlights. By pointing the searchlights on the buildings around the square people could search for sounds of the city which formed a rythmic composition with sounds of the other searchlights.


Interactive sound installation Maastunnel

Mayor of Rotterdam, Ivo Opstelten, opened the permanent interactive installation in the Maastunnel. Rnul made an audio installation with special speakers which focus audio at a specific zone at the south entrance of the pedestrians/cyclists tunnel.
Movement and the amount of people in the tunnel cause different (cultural) voices to be heard in the hall of the tunnel. The voices (including the Mayor) read the poem written by Jan Prins in 1942 for the opening of the Maastunnel in Rotterdam.


‘Music in Motion’ exhibition in National Museum of Ethnology

Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Mr. Plasterk, opened the Music in Motion exhibition in the National Museum of Ethnology (Volkenkunde) in Leiden, the Netherlands. Rnul made two interactive installations for this exhibition; a Virtual Samba for Rio de Janeiro, in which visitors become a part of a samba band by entering and moving around in the room. We also made the Lightguide installation which allows you to use a spotlight on a large picture of Berlin to explore the musical diversity in the city.


Interactive triptych in Schiecentrale

For the presentation of City Media Rotterdam in the Schiecentrale, Rnul made an interactive triptych which plays with the identity of the visitors.


NAi 24/7 video installation

Video installation in the Dutch Architectureinstitute NAi. The Dutch Architect Wiel Arets designed the interior of the main hall. The video-installation will play with the visitors, both in time and the specific space. In collaboration with Powerboat.