Pension Harderwijk, Stadsmuseum Harderwijk

In this exhibition visitors can meet the guests staying in the pension which represents a special period from the city’s glorious past. Rnul developed three interactives, one of them is an African soldier telling about his time in Harderwijk and the colonial war. Through a interactive card game visitors can discover the stories of the soldier. With a hologram you can see inside the soldier’s head and a projection on the table shows images of his stories. Another guest is a spy during the Cold War. Voice recognition allows visitors to interact with this spy and discover more about the spy school through a newspaper that comes to life. The third interactive is a cabin boy. Visitors can play a game, Hanzeborden, where a real dice determines the fate of the game and the linked stories of his adventures. In cooperation with XPEX and Kloosterboer, photos by Sarah Dona.

Excerpt of TV item, Omroep Gelderland: Ridders van Gelre 28 juni 2021 – Stadsmuseum Harderwijk is vernieuwd.