Lieve tante Olga at Taalmuseum

For the Taalmuseum (language museum) latest nomadic installation ‘Lieve tante Olga’ (Dear Aunt Olga), Rnul has collaborated in this exhibition which invites visitors to dive into the cultural differences happening between Surinamese Dutch and Netherlands Dutch with real mini testimonial clips and the protagonist character of Tante Olga (cultural icon) as the main guide of the exhibition.

The iconic aunt addresses the Surinamese with the following question: “What experience do you have with the Dutch of the Dutch?”. The exhibition entrance is open to the public and meant to tour different venues around the Netherlands. The installation’s modular design is presented as a foldable exhibition panel, mimicking the shape of a folding guideline. The display includes information boards, exhibition objects and interactive screens with which visitors can play by swiping from testimonial to testimonial. ‘Lieve Tante Olga’ premiered on June 17th 2023 at the Onza Taal congress with the presence of the royal Princess Laurentien. Today the exhibition is being displayed in Zuidplein (Rotterdam) and will soon relocate to other venues around the Netherlands. Exhibition design: Dark & Stormy / Taalmuseum, Video: Oldmates, Construction: Interieurmakers. Photos: Patrick van Katwijk and Dark & Stormy